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Case Studies

Electrolux... Long Grove Confectionary... TVK Orchestra... MinistryCom... Clapham School... World Vision... Lifework... Frigidaire...

Below is a small sampling of some of the strategic projects we have worked on with both corporate and non-profit clients.

Electrolux Major Appliances
Electrolux is an international manufacturer of upscale major appliances. It is one of the leading appliance companies in Europe and has expanded into the US market in the past decade. (more)

Long Grove Confectionery
Long Grove is a purveyor of fine chocolates and candies since 1975.They needed some direction to create a new tour experience for the guests of their newly constructed chocolate facory. (more)

Special Event Orchestra/Band
This Chicago-based special event band was one of the most popular and well-established in the Chicago area. When they desired to branch out into the New York market, they gave us a call. (more)

Frigidaire is a legendary corporation and innovator in the multi-billion dollar home appliance market. This corporate standard-setter asked us to help them create a ground-breaking interactive sales training program. (more)

MinistryCOM National Communications Conference
This national ministry conference is the only one of its kind, being dedicated exclusively to the topic of Church Communications and Marketing. The annual conference draws hundreds of people from all across North America. (more)

The Clapham School
Clapham is a unique private elementary school in Wheaton, IL. Its focus on education from the “Classical” model, has set it apart from other Christian schools in the area. They came to Transperia needing media to support their recruiting and fund-raising efforts. (more)

World Vision
International relief organization provides basic sustenance and spiritual support to impoverished children and families.  They turned to us to create their regional “hope tour” event and AIDS relief fundraising experience. (more)

Lifework Leadership
This regional non-profit organization wanted to expand to a national level. They called us to help them create a national launch experience. (more)