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Clapham School

Case: Private Classical and Christian elementary school needed media tool to promote the school. Solution had to serve dual goal of aiding in student recruitment as well as fund-raising.

Objective: Create a promotional video that captured the uniqueness of the school’s educational philosophy. It was imperative that the video highlight the school’s three-fold emphasis:
• Christian Based Education
• Classical Model
• The Charlotte Mason philosophy of “Joyful Discovery”

Deliverable: Delivered a video program that not only emphasized Clapham’s unique place in the Wheaton area educational community, but also highlighted some of the students in action and included the testimonials of parents who had multiple children enrolled in the school. The media walked the fine line between educating people on the school and showing the warm and powerful impact of this unique education on the students.

Multiple media formats were utilized to maximize distribution of this promotional piece. Distribution included DVD, web-based media and YouTube placement.

Outcome: Clapham successfully employs this media for their recruiting and fund-raising efforts. Subsequently, Clapham has retained Transperia for the creation of their annual fundraising benefit experience.

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