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Case: Create new Frigidaire video training program to train retail sales people in a major home super store that would be used during Grand Openings and other training scenarios.

Objective: This home super store routinely brought in competing appliance manufacturers to train their own sales people on the various appliance products. It was imperative that the new Frigidaire training be fresh, engaging and set-apart from their competitors’ presentations and training. It was critical that Frigidaire’s organization and products be positioned in such a way that trainees were inspired to sell Frigidaire’s products over their competition.

Deliverable: Transperia crafted a multi-sensory learning experience that not only included the desired video segments, but also included direct-address, hands-on and experiential training elements.

Transperia created a training experience that incorporated elements of fun, humor and interactivity while delivering the crucial elements and appliance knowledge-base necessary. Among others, the video segments included several “1950’s themed” vignettes, “Science Guy” segments and a mock “Jeopardy-style” game show parody.

Outcome: Since it’s debut, this program’s use has expanded beyond the Grand Opening training emphasis and has also been used at various national conference and internal training events for Frigidaire. Extending beyond its original scope, this program has brought added value to the client, as its use has expanded within the organization.

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