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Lifework Leadership

Case: Lifework Leadership (formerly “Greater Orlando Leadership Foundation”) had served the greater Orlando area for several years, providing leadership training and support to Christian leaders to aid them in living out their values in the marketplace.

As Lifework’s influence and impact spread beyond the Orlando area, people from across the U.S. desired to create a Lifework affiliate group in their area. Lifework was faced with the task of growing beyond a regional organization to become a national one.

Objective: Launch Lifework Leadership as a national organization with affiliate locations nationwide. High caliber persons would be contacted via personal invitation to a special “kick-off” event, hosted by Miami Dolphins owner, Wayne Huizegna, Jr. (a current advocate of Lifework’s mission).

The desired result would be that several groups would agree to launch and support a Lifework affiliate in their own city.

Deliverable: Playing on the football theme (from Mr. Huizenga’s involvement as an NFL owner), we created a two-day “kick-off” experience that exposed the attendees to Lifework’s unique vision, values and methods, as well as highlighted the impact the organization has had on the greater Orlando area. Attendees were encouraged to make a commitment to join the Lifework team.

Elements included music, training, video, interaction, inspiration and keynotes from Bill Pollard (former CEO, ServiceMaster), Don Soderquist (former Chief Operating Officer of Wal-Mart), Orange County (Orlando) Mayor, Richard Crotty, Wayne and Fonda Huizenga (Miami Dolphins) as well as Lifework President, Steve French.

Outcome: Hugely successful event created great “buzz” for Lifework and effectively launched the organization, adding 7 additional offices…and counting. Lifework continues to work with Transperia to create and produce their national conference, “Heart of a Leader”.

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