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Long Grove Confectionery

Case: Client had built a new factory for its chocolate and candy confections. Desired to create a factory-tour experience that would draw customers to their factory, ending in their factory-outlet store.

Objective: Inspire visitors in the Long Grove Confectionery way of creating quality and delicious candies in their “old fashioned” tradition.

Deliverable: Crafted a multi-sensory factory tour experience which included a seven-part video series. The video began in the “gallery” room and highlighted the story of a grandfather and granddaughter, visiting the original Long Grove candy store. The video segments that followed depicted the various rooms along the factory tour, showcasing the ways the different candies were made (note: it was important to have each “stop” along the tour supported by a corresponding video, as there were times when a given production area was “closed” for cleaning, maintenance, crew breaks, etc.)

Outcome: Long Grove Confectionery client continues to praise us for the work done, several years later. One key staff member stated that no matter how many times she experiences the video, she is amazed at the quality and how fresh it always feels.

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