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Special Event Orchestra/Band

Case:  Over 20 years’ time, this local Chicago-based Orchestra has risen to become one of the most respected and sought-after special event bands in the Chicago area, often having multiple bands out on given nights.

As the band’s popularity grew, the leader desired to establish a presence for the band in the New York City market.

Objective: Create promotional materials to help the orchestra sell the band’s services.We set out to solidify their brand and create promotional materials that could be used in both the Chicago and New York markets.

Deliverable:We worked with the client to create a more focused approach to their message which included recommended changes to their website as well as a logo redesign.

Creating a “live” performance atmosphere, we produced a primary promotional video that was then customized for each market.Song selection, style and direction were crucial in creating a video that would showcase the band’s strengths in both classic and current pop music, while not becoming quickly outdated

We delivered several versions of the video to allow for multiple delivery methods and to provide maximum exposure, including videos formatted for DVD distribution, primary website, and YouTube formats.

Outcome:The high quality of the video has helped reinforce the caliber and brand of the band, and has been responsible for new bookings in both the Chicago and newly launched New York markets.Response to the video has been exceptional and it has received high marks.

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