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World Vision

Case: Client sponsors a national “Hope Tour” to heighten awareness and raise money to fight the global AIDS pandemic. Each regional office is responsible for their own event, as part of the overall “Hope Tour”.

The Chicago regional office of World Vision takes pride in its ethnic diversity and empowerment of women. The Hope Tour event needed to capture both of these elements as we designed the experience.

Objective: Raise awareness of the growing AIDS pandemic with a focus on the important role that women can and do play in fighting this terrible problem. Emphasis was not only on education, but also on gaining new sponsors to financially support those living with AIDS as well as those fighting the problem.

Deliverable: Created “Women of Hope” event, which showcased both national and regional talent and artists who supported the event with information, testimonials and entertainment.

Participants included BET news anchor Cheryl Martin, African AIDS activist, Princess Zulu, acclaimed music group, Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago, Contemporary Christian recording artist, Amy Harrell, and author/speaker, Lynne Hybels, among others.

Worked closely with contacts in various ethnic communities to represent diversity throughout the event and highlighted the huge potential impact of women on this important global mission.

Outcome: Highly successful event as awareness was raised to new levels and scores of new sponsorships were added. Subsequently, World Vision retained us for future fundraising and consulting projects.

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