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Client Story – Electrolux

Transformational Experience vs. “Status Quo”:A Story of Impact and Results

Craig Ellis, National Accounts Field Sales Manager with Electrolux Major Appliances, asked us to help Electrolux craft a Product Launch of new upscale, major appliances for their National Accounts sales team.Here’s Craig’s story:

Creating a Major Product Launch Experience
“When I learned that we would be rolling out a new, ground-breaking product line, I knew I wanted Transperia Group involved.They had previously created an innovative, comprehensive media-based training program for us, and I was confident they would hit another home run.I was right.

“I was amazed by the amount of strategy, creativity, innovation and energy the Transperia team brought to our event.From the beginning, it was clear that they were passionate about seeing us succeed and creating an experience for our people that would drive long-term results.

Strategic Discovery
“The ‘Strategic Discovery’ process was key.Transperia was able to dive in, quickly absorb a lot of our culture, structure, and needs and helped us create a set of ‘success goals’ for the product launch.Throughout the entire process, they kept those goals as their focus and even helped our team remain on course by reinforcing those goals along the way.

The Experience and the Results
“Our product launch was a HUGE success.We spent five days with our National Accounts team, and the experience we gave them was tremendous!The energy grew every day and by the end of the event, people didn’t want to leave—after five days!

“The real success was in the results, however.The following quarter, we had record sales.This was in the midst of an economy that was failing and a widespread trend of lagging sales in our industry as a whole.I credit the experience Transperia helped us create as a huge part of that success.

The Difference
“A few months later, I attended a different event.I was not involved in the planning of this event, and unfortunately, neither was Transperia.It was two and a half days of what I call a ‘status quo’ event, with none of the engaging, experiential elements we had for our product launch.

During the second day of the event, I saw one of my team members and wanted to support him.I asked, ‘How’s it going?What can I do for you?’His response didn’t surprise me, he quickly replied, ‘Let me go home…please’.

“Transperia created a transformational experience that energized people for five days and led them to a record sales quarter.In contrast, the other ‘status quo’ event couldn’t even hold someone’s attention for two days.

“I’ve told the Transperia guys that I never want to do another project without them—and neither should you.”