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The Power of Artistic Collaboration

April 30, 2009 · Print This Article
Posted by Mark Bennardo

As an artist and creative professional, I believe so strongly in the power of collaboration.  I’ve learned through experience that there is so much more potential and creative horsepower when the right group of people come together to create something beautiful, effective or important.

I now find myself moving away from projects that require me to be a creative “lone ranger.”  If I can’t do the project in the context of the community of my trusted partners and creative associates, I’ll sometimes decline the project.  Even if I’m confident in my own abilities, I know that the end result will be so much better if there is more than one creative mind in the mix.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but I was both moved and inspired by it.  The power of art and collaboration is truly amazing (even when you can’t see or stand next to the people with whom you’re collaborating).

This was apparently recorded one track at a time, with the producers using minimal equipment and moving from country to country, finding local artists and layering each instrument and part upon the last. The end result is an international collaboration that is both raw and beautiful.

At my core, I think of myself as an artist. It’s stuff like this that makes me so thankful for the arts and for the people whose talents eclipse mine.

2 Responses to “The Power of Artistic Collaboration”

  1. John Carlson Says:

    Interesting thoughts! Shows you’re not a control freak! Some people can only work for themselves/by themselves. Because they want to control everything. I’m sure this makes you great to work with.

  2. John Leahy Says:

    What an awesome example of disconnected collaboration Mark! I think I’m going to replay this and join in from my remote location to add my own little seasoning to the collaborative pot as it were.

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