Transperia Group, Inc.
Transformational Experiences That Drive Business Results

What is a Transformational Experience?

A Transformational Experience takes us beyond the average, the mundane or the “usual” and creates an impact that somehow affects us.


  • Think Saturday afternoon at Wrigley Field versus watching a sandlot baseball game.
  • Contrast standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon to viewing two-dimensional pictures in National Geographic.
  • Compare a therapeutic Swedish massage with spending five minutes in an electric massage chair.

When it comes to business, a two-dimensional event, promotional video, marketing media, or product launch is never enough. But a Transformational Experience takes your message and actually affects the person receiving it in a way that engages the senses, personally gets them involved, creates memories and makes a lasting impact—which translates into results.

Not only do the sensory elements of an experience add to its impact, but the continuity and connection of content, feel and environment are critical to creating a memorable experience.

Beyond that, transformation happens when someone’s actions, perspective, attitudes and even lifestyle are changed by that experience.

Bottom Line
We’re about results and impact. Regardless of the type of project, we help our clients succeed.

We want to create a positive and memorable experience for you, as we help you create memorable and successful experiences for your customers/audiences/trainees.